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The Beloved Collective

Catholic Store, based in Sydney.

The Beloved Collective' also known as TBC, which is aimed towards young Catholics aged 16-35. Each item produced, will assist them in feeling confident in expressing their faith in the 21st century.

The aim of these products will hopefully push more evangelisation in the church. Evangelisation in the Catholic church does exist however a lot of people aren't aware of it. There are so many young Catholics in the world exactly like me who want to evangelise but perhaps they don't know where to start.

This led to my desire to design products that would not only help spark curiosity to research more about the Catholic faith but also to help spark conversations such as: 'what are you
wearing?', 'what does your bag mean? or 'what does your drink bottle say?'.

These questions might seem simple but they are stepping stones for so many conversations about faith, which is one of
the most important parts of evangelisation. It consists of meeting people and to understand where they are at and to not
force beliefs upon people, but instead show love, compassion and understanding.


The Beloved Collective logos.


The Beloved Saints, is the development of various products using 7 different Catholic Saints, representing four women and three men. Each design has used a specific stain glass window of the Saint designed. When Catholics intend to purchase these
products the hope is for these items to be a basis for conversation and a desire to learn more about the church.


The primary focus of this Major Design Project is to showcase the love I have for typography and the many ways in which typefaces can be used as a form of communication. It will explore the role of design techniques and principles such as grid systems in modern typography, and specifically the use of colour which will be drawn from traditional Catholic stain glass windows. 

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